Pak Hok practitioners develop and uphold the style with regard to the personal capabilities of each individual. This is achieved through the cultivation of physical and mental fitness, co-ordination, agility, self-discipline, confidence, self-defence and good health. Pak Hok training methods lead to a fuller, more harmonious and longer life.

Pak Hok (White Crane) Kung Fu has a long tradition in China, reputedly having begun during the Ming Dynasty – circa 1426. The style first began when a Tibetan Lama, Au Dav Tov, with an extensive knowledge of the martial arts, watched a black ape fighting a white crane. As a result of this experience he founded the 'Lion’s Roar' style Kung Fu, which was later renamed 'Pak Hok Chung', paving the way for the founding, at the end of the Ming Dynasty by another Lama, Du Logatan, of Pak Hok Kung Fu.