Sifu Peter Kuo was born in Canton, China.

Moving to Australia with his grandfather in 1956, Sifu Kuo first trained under Sigung Chan in 1969, where he learnt the basics of Pak Hok Kung Fu International in Sigung’s backyard in southern Sydney.

In 1972, the KMT (Chinese Nationalist Party of Australia) offered Pak Hok Kung Fu International a training space in Ultimo Rd, Chinatown, which was where the first Sydney school was founded.

Under the tutelage of Sigung Chan, Sifu Kuo knelt down to become the first Sydney disciple of Pak Hok Kung Fu International, later to be joined by eight others, which included Sifu Peter Chan and Sifu Ernest Ma of Pak Hok Pai (http://www.pakhokpai.com/).

Since then, Sifu Kuo has grown Pak Hok Kung Fu International into approximately 30 students actively practising in Sydney, Australia. His most senior students (who are now instructors) include Roy D, Garry K, Kerry C, Mohammed C and Graham K, the earliest of whom have been training with Pak Hok since 1972.

Sifu Kuo is widely known for his dedication to continuing the style for future generations, both young and old. He credits Pak Hok as “keeping the body young and the mind healthy – the key to a balanced, and fulfilling life.”

Together with his most senior instructors, Sifu Kuo is supported by his son Kevin, and his daughter Elizabeth in the running of the school.